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> Amen Brian. I believe that i am open to cirtisism, i can take it, and > well….i think i’m a very nice guy heheh, but i spose thats not really > for me to decide! > I have a gig tonight with them, and if at some point we’re all in the band > room, i’ll take that chance to go over it with them definatly. I’ll tell ya > how it all goes!

Not at a gig! Do it at practice! Gigs are for the audience. Practice is for the band.


Hello Cris Yes I’m from Brasil, but from Sao Paulo (nobody is perfect It is a coincidence, most people I know from Brasil don’t use the usenet. Perhaps we can chat now and then about stuff, like I said, I am currently living in Germany, and picked up bass again after a 11 year break. Sooooo happy I did this!!! I found out I have a neighbour here that is also from rio and plays guitar, we are going to turn my drum maschine on and jam a little now and then. Um grande abra

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