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Thanks for help with bow makers


Thank you to everybody who emailed and posted names of bow makers.  I’ve mostly tried to compile a list of compound bow makers, so I don’t have much in the way of a list of recurve or longbow makers.  My apologies to the traditionalists.  For those of you who are interested, here’s the list that I have now.  It may or may not be complete, and the names with (?) next to them may make recurve and longbow only, I’m not sure about them yet. Thanks again, Andy C. USA COMPOUND BOW MAKERS Alpine Archery Dynamics Bear Blue Mountain Bowman (?) Browning Clearwater Custom Shooting Systems Darton Golden Eagle Genisis High Country Hoyt Jennings Martin Mathews McPherson Mountaineer  (went out of business) Native American Archer (?) Oneida Parker Pearson Prarie Fire Pro Line Pro Sport PSE Viking Archery XI WORLDWIDE COMPOUND BOW MAKERS Greenhorn (Belgium) Marksman (UK) Merlin (UK) Okupniak (Germany) Spigareli (Italy) Talenta (Switzerland)


>Thank you to everybody who emailed and posted names of bow makers.  I’ve >Thanks again, >Andy C. >USA COMPOUND BOW MAKERS >J >Native American Archer (?)

Native American may be the Redman compound built in Oklahoma by Lloyd Napier. Dean Pridgen used it to win the Seniors Mens Freestyle at the NFAA Nationals the past several years. His wife Rosie pretty much beats up on the ladies with one also. Oly


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