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Archery dodges a bullet

ARCHERS DODGE A BULLET !!! Archery Not among Events to be Cut from Olympic Program The International Olympic Committee is going to cut some events and entire sports from the Olympic program to size down the Olympic Games. Last month, the Olympic Program Commission of the IOC published its recommendations, and we

[Fwd: A solution to kids spending too much time on the computer]

> Didn’t you ever teach him anything more > creative?? I taught mine chess, archery, algebra, reading, computers and > programming, motors, magnets and power supplies, how to make things with > tools, how to fix cars and bicycles, and how to use contraception
Steve, I think one problem with your [...]

PC Games (Archery)

Does anyone know of any PC games of archer?

Do you mean games like Deer Hunter?

wasnt there a game on the Sega MegaDrive (Genesis) that had archery in it as part of the olympics?? — Ewan Oughton Ewan’s Archery WebSite: or No frames:
– [...]

Silverado 1500 vs. 2500

i have a 2500 with the 6.0 liter and 4.10 gears.  in my opinion i would recommend the 1500 with the 5.3.  my truck only gets in the 10’s in town and on the highway it gets upper 12’s at 80.  if you want the 2500 i would recommend 3.73’s instead of [...]