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6 weeks after breaking my elbow…

Last Sunday, 501 for an 18m FITA, using the training bow still. Came dead last (handicap) in the club indoor champs 2 weeks ago : ( Arm still too sore for more than 6 arrows using my Hoyt GM Missing out on practice too much! For those who missed them & [...]

Center Shot Question?

Is the center shot location sacred?  Everywhere I read that the end of the shaft should be aligned so that it’s right edge is just "touching" the string, when the string is centered on the limbs (for right-handed recurve shooters).  Is this sacred?  Does anyone shift the center shot to the right [...]

Saint Sebastian

The archers throughout the world have a gaurdian angel: Saint Sebastian. Sebastian was found guilty of treason and was therefore sentenced with a death penalty. He was to be shot by archers… So they got him out, placed him at 18 meters, and the recurve and compound archers had a ball… [...]

Aiming woes?

Hi, I’m a beginner in archery using a recurve bow (provided by the indoor archery center). The bow I’m using doesn’t have a clicker or a sight ring, so how am I going to aim at the target? The person at the archery center told me to position the nock infront [...]

Can This Bow Be Adjusted?

Hi, I have an opportunity to obtain from a fellow club-member a Hoyt Medalist, 45# compound bow that’s in relatively good condition, at an unnamed, but guaranteed low, price.  Problem is: draw length.  It’s about an inch short for me.  Local archery shop says it can’t be adjusted.  Thought I’d [...]

Buying an arrow saw

Hi and sorry for cross posting. My questions are here: Where can we buy an arrow saw? The shop should be in EU: then there is no tax, VAT, etc. problems. And the input voltage of the engine must be 220-240V, i.e. European voltage. I found this site: [...]

Wind tunnels

> Rotation while oscillating is an intriguing problem…. i’m gonna have to think > about a way to do that one….
Its kind of "Prrrrrrr!" with "Boioioioing!" at the same time followed by "Thwack!" if you get it right…. Zolan    😀

> Rotation while oscillating is an [...]

Archery netting / curtain?

Hello, My son is new to archery and I’d like to make an area for him to practice, but we don’t have an area with room for when he misses the target, and hay bails are not a good solution around here. I have seen archery netting and have been told [...]

What rest??

Its time to upgrade my arrow rest, but what too?? Do I get a magnetic, a flipper, a bolt on or a stick on? I’ve been using one of the horrible stick on hook types but changed bow to an Avalon plus, shooting ICS Extreme carbons, so feel its time to change. [...]

sholder extension

One thing that has taken up a lot of my training time is shoulder extension… Looking at the Koreans, they seem to have quite a low extended shoulder…. whilst some of the Europeans and Americans [Rick McKinney comingto mind] seem to have quite a high but still extended shoulder.. The thing [...]